Research: Edglelands / Wainwright Asphalt plant

We made it to the top of Wainwrights Asphalt plant some 40 metres up!

Jodi our tour guide for the Open Door Bristol took us up the asphalt plant talking us through the processes of how they produce tarmac for their customers.  This shiny new plant was opened in 2016 and was a big investment for well established company in the Mendip’s in North Somerset quarries decided it was well placed to set-up this new venture to serve the four million pound investment for the South Wests highway infrastructure.

Thought this is commercial enterprise they have strong values in leaving as little impact on the environment as possible.   They acknowledge that there is an impact but there is a willingness to limit that impact.  Wainwright invested solar panels which help not only keep running cost down but this is also green energy.  They also recycle tarmac and use recycled aggregate in some of there processes.  The choice of location was also a factor to limit the distances loads had to travel to sites.

This is the kind of  narrative I am looking for found here in the Edgeland of Avonmouth that reveals a willingness to engage with new technology and science that benefits them and the environment.


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